Caman Village

Caman Village - The latest edition by Silk Sense, an added value experience to all our customers. Caman Village is unique surroundings and atmosphere, serves all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, events, or celebrations...

At Caman Village, we held a very successfully The Traditional Tet Market project which recreates the Tet market scene in the old days of Hoi An, not only shown through the layout of the market space, decorative items but also through traded goods:
  • Use coins in the trading process
  • Encourage wearing Ao Dai to join the market by giving lots of benefits
  • Goods are sold in huts or stalls along the pathway
  • Absolutely no plastic bags/ plastic products are allowed, but instead are easy-to-biodegradable paper bags or natural wrapping material
  • There will be trading activities of typical items for traditional Tet, local cuisine,...
  • There will be folk games, traditional entertainment activities, culinary activities, ... Especially, there will be activities of woodblock printing, lucky money, trading lucky souvenirs, making Banh Chung, Banh Tet,...
  • Beautiful set up for the most scenic event in Hoi An during Tet
  • Flower Market, as big as 150.000 pots