We have oriented our activities towards nature and the environment since the first day of construction, so everything from the construction, logo, equipment, and interior decoration uses environmentally friendly materials.From January 2021, We develop a plan to implement responsible tourism, maximize economic and social benefits for local communities, promote cultural heritage, and reduce negative impacts on the tourism environment, using the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Program's Sustainable Tourism Criteria and Indicators (SSTP).

Eco-Friendly Products

Use environmentally friendly items like hardwood or bamboo furniture, recycled-content products, organic cleansers, and other "green label" items:
- Organic herbs and hydroponic vegetable garden self-sufficiency to 3500m2
- Use Kangen alkaline ionized wate
- Ozone and sea salt treated pool water

Environmental Activities

Assist and disseminate environmental preservation initiatives:
- Take part in climate change campaigns or local and national environmental initiatives such as Earth Hour, Energy Saving Week, Waste Reduction Week, World Vegetarian Day, Tree Planting Ceremony,...
- Inform guests about energy conservation and encourage them to take action.
- Use reusable water bottles and instruct guests how to refill their own bottles.
- Make sure the resort's recyclable waste bins are clearly labeled.

Community & Social Activities

Participate in sustainable tourism-related social activities:
- Accompany local and international Sustainable Development events
- Host the Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development in Quang Nam Province - Tourism without plastic waste 2019, The Workshop of Quang Nam Develops Green Tourism
- Preserves Indigenous Values and Green Tourism Criteria Announcement Ceremony
- Silk Sense Resort employees regularly participate in cleaning and sanitizing public areas in Cam An ward.

Contribute to the community while also ensuring a safe working environment for employees:
- Create activities for the Traditional Tet market during the Lunar New Year 2021, employing more than 100 local workers over the course of more than two months of project preparation
- Ensure a safe and sanitary working environment for employees
- Activities to support the poor every year


Purpose: Extend the life of disposable cups: The Green Cups Project helps extend the life of disposable cups by reusing them to plant trees and seedlings, helping to reduce waste in the environment.
Planting vegetables and nursery seedlings and distributing them free of charge to local communities: The Green Cups Project provides free green vegetables and seedlings to local communities, helping to plant more trees and increase awareness of environmental protection.
The Green Cups Project helps beverage companies cut costs and the number of disposable cups that end up in the environment.
Mission: By making disposable cups last longer, they offer a simple, doable, and long-term way to reduce plastic waste and help take care of the environment.
Vision: The vision of the Green Cups Project is to become a typical sustainability project by expanding its activities to many other places and countries and promoting the growth of environmental protection and sustainability projects in Vietnam and around the world.