We have oriented our activities towards nature and the environment since the first day of construction, so everything from the construction, logo, equipment, and interior decoration uses environmentally friendly materials.
We developed a plan to implement responsible tourism, maximize economic and social benefits for local communities, promote cultural heritage, and reduce negative impacts on the tourism environment, using the Swiss Sustainable Tourism Program's Sustainable Tourism Criteria and Indicators (SSTP).

Zero Plastic Waste Resort

The main objective of the project is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel model while minimizing negative impacts on the natural environment. Key measures implemented in the project include:
- Eliminating single-use plastic
- Using environmentally friendly products
- Encouraging customer reusability and plastic waste reduction
- Education and awareness
- Partnering with suppliers
- Continuous evaluation and improvement

Through the implementation of this project, Silk Sense Resort not only contributes to reducing negative impacts on the natural environment but also creates a sustainable business model. Silk Sense believes that every small step in this journey contributes to our common goal of building a more sustainable and greener world.

The Waste2Green organic waste recycling machine

By integrating advanced technology and efficient processing capabilities, Waste2Green will convert organic waste into high-quality organic fertilizer (Compost) within just 24 hours.

The processing process not only reduces the amount of waste going into landfills but also produces reusable products that are beneficial for the environment. Additionally, it saves labor and time in manually processing organic waste. With the implementation of the Waste2Green machine, Silk Sense aims to create a green, clean, and sustainable living environment for both residents and visitors.

At the same time, we also hope to inspire the surrounding community, encouraging the adoption of green solutions and spreading the spirit of sustainability in waste management.

Green Cups Project

Purpose: Extend the life of disposable cups: The Green Cups Project helps extend the life of disposable cups by reusing them to plant trees and seedlings, helping to reduce waste in the environment. Planting vegetables and nursery seedlings and distributing them free of charge to local communities: The Green Cups Project provides free green vegetables and seedlings to local communities, helping to plant more trees and increase awareness of environmental protection. The Green Cups Project helps beverage companies cut costs and the number of disposable cups that end up in the environment.

Mission: By making disposable cups last longer, they offer a simple, doable, and long-term way to reduce plastic waste and help take care of the environment.

Vision: The vision of the Green Cups Project is to become a typical sustainability project by expanding its activities to many other places and countries and promoting the growth of environmental protection and sustainability projects in Vietnam and around the world.

Green Suppliers

Silk Sense Resort actively seeks and collaborates with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and reducing plastic usage. We prioritize suppliers that offer plastic-free packaging solutions and environmentally friendly products.

Caman Village

At Silk Sense Resort, we not only strive to create a luxurious and upscale resort environment but also hold a high commitment to the health and well-being of our guests and the surrounding environment. In Silk Sense Resort's sustainable development journey, the organic herb garden plays a vital role as a source of fresh produce and positive energy.

Caman Village's Organic Herb Garden is more than just a scenic spot for visitors; it serves as the primary source of fresh organic herbs used in Silk Sense Resort's restaurants. The herbs and plants are cultivated using organic methods, allowing guests to enjoy flavors that are rich and nutritious.

At Silk Sense Resort, we welcome our guests not just with warmth but also with an invitation to explore the true essence of a healthy and harmonious life in nature. Through Caman Village's Organic Herb Garden, we aim to create experiences that are not only delightful in culinary terms but also promote health and inspire sustainable living.

Eco-Friendly Amenities

Silk Sense Resort has transitioned to using personal amenities made from bamboo, wood, and biodegradable materials, replacing single-use plastics. This initiative not only helps us reduce plastic waste but also creates a luxurious and artistic ambiance for our guests' stay experience.

Kangen Water

Silk Sense Resort has transitioned from using plastic bottles to employing Kangen water - ionized alkaline water, in an effort to minimize the substantial amount of plastic waste being released into the environment. Kangen water serves as more than just a source of clean water; it offers numerous health benefits to our customers:
Helps neutralize harmful excess acids in the body
Acts as an antioxidant, eliminating harmful free radicals
Assists in rapid detoxification
Provides essential minerals for the body

At Silk Sense Resort, we take pride in providing our guests with an experience that not only offers convenience but also represents a healthier choice for both our customers and the green environment we cherish.

Sea-salt Ozone Infinity Swimming Pool

The Silk Sense Resort has chosen to use Sea-salt Ozone Infinity Swimming Pool, providing customers with an excellent experience not only in terms of health but also in comfort.

One of the prominent benefits of using sea salt in pool treatment is its non-irritating effect on the skin and eyes. Compared to pools treated with traditional chlorine chemicals, mineral salt is an environmentally friendly choice.

Using Sea-salt Ozone Infinity Swimming Pool at Silk Sense is not just about relaxation; it is a refined experience that respects both health and the environment. This is not just a trend but also a commitment from Silk Sense towards sustainability and comprehensive customer care.

VRV IV hot water air conditioning system

The advanced VRV IV Hot Water air conditioning system currently employed by Silk Sense Resort helps reduce energy consumption and limits the release of hot air into the atmosphere.
By utilizing waste heat to heat water, the annual electricity consumption can be reduced by approximately 94% compared to separate operations of air conditioning and electric water heaters. This not only saves costs but also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, playing a part in preserving the green environment.

Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

From its construction phase, Silk Sense Resort has utilized Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), a premium construction material with low weight, excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, fast construction capabilities, high load-bearing capacity, and environmental friendliness.

Environmentally Friendly: AAC is produced without the need for fired clay soil, reducing emissions and environmental pollution caused by traditional clay soil firing. This natural resource conservation makes AAC an environmentally friendly choice.

Reduced HVAC Energy Consumption: AAC provides excellent thermal insulation, stabilizing indoor temperatures without excessive use of energy for heating or cooling, reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Cost-Effective Construction: Despite its robustness, AAC is lightweight, reducing the materials required during construction and lowering associated transportation and installation costs. Its lightweight nature makes AAC an economical and efficient choice for construction projects.

Enhanced Convenience: AAC not only keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter but also reduces external noise. Its excellent sound insulation creates a peaceful and convenient living environment for your family.

The use of AAC ensures not only high technical standards but also emphasizes environmental protection and creates excellent living conditions for residents. The combination of economic efficiency and sustainability makes AAC an ideal choice right from the inception of Silk Sense Resort's construction.

Environmental Activities

Assist and disseminate environmental preservation initiatives:
- Take part in climate change campaigns or local and national environmental initiatives such as Earth Hour, Energy Saving Week, Waste Reduction Week, World Vegetarian Day, Tree Planting Ceremony,...
- Inform guests about energy conservation and encourage them to take action.
- Use reusable water bottles and instruct guests how to refill their own bottles.
- Make sure the resort's recyclable waste bins are clearly labeled.

Community & Social Activities

Participate in sustainable tourism-related social activities:
- Accompany local and international Sustainable Development events
- Host the Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development in Quang Nam Province
- Tourism without plastic waste 2019, The Workshop of Quang Nam Develops Green Tourism
- Preserves Indigenous Values and Green Tourism Criteria Announcement Ceremony
- Silk Sense Resort employees regularly participate in cleaning and sanitizing public areas in Cam An ward.

Contribute to the community while also ensuring a safe working environment for employees:
- Create activities for the Traditional Tet market during the Lunar New Year 2021, employing more than 100 local workers over the course of more than two months of project preparation
- Ensure a safe and sanitary working environment for employees
- Activities to support the poor every year